Dark Fantasy Boss Battles – Premium Music Collection


“Premium Quality orchestral pieces for your Dark Fantasy Game World – performed by award-winning musicians. Rich instrumentation, unique and memorable themes – all you need to give your project an AAA budget production feel.”

1. The Essence of a Soul

2. Awakening of the Juggernaut

3. Dance of the Blades

4. Impending Terror

5. Calamity of the Desert

6. Nox – The Light Incarnate

7. The Battle of Ages

8. Tomb of the Antediluvian

9. The Bonfire

10. The Shining Light



  • 10 unique orchestral pieces made into 346 music files, organized and prepared for basic and advanced music stitching. It covers every possible scenario of in-game boss battles and more.
  • Recordings of professional musicians – all virtuosos of their instruments and voices
  • Professionally mixed and mastered tracks in one of the best music production studios from Poland
  • NO CHEAP SOUNDS – every composition is unique, distinctive and very memorable
  • Designed in spirit of the best soundtracks from the most popular Dark Fantasy game series
  • All files are exported in flawless quality: sample rate – 44,100 Hz and bit depth – 24 bit


Number of original music pieces: 10

Number of all Audio Wavs: 346

Sample rate / bit depth: 44,100 Hz / 24 bit

Minutes of audio from original music pieces: 30:38′

Minutes of all audio provided: 187 min (03:07:08′)


Documentation: Dark Fantasy Boss Battles – Music Stitching Guidance (Detailed description of music stitching logic for specific Boss Battle scenarios)